May. 21st, 2012 09:05 pm
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It's that time again!

Come and check out [Bad username or unknown identity: gleek_land.livejournal.com], a glee land community with fun challenges for everyone!
There are three great teams: Acapella, Broadway, and Mashup. Tell them [identity profile] fincalian.livejournal.com sent you!
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i recently had a realization while trying to make a fanmix for [livejournal.com profile] inception_land. i was desperately torn between a jazz piano song by yoko kanno and the song jeax d'eau by ravel, partially because i thought to myself: arthur likes french things. that's canon.

wait. is it?
i thought to myself.

then i realized how much JGL loves france and french things and couldn't, with good conscience (and without more evidence), include this song. because arthur liking france is like him being jewish.

my somewhat more pessimistic friend told me that "the entire fandom projects the actors on to these characters" and i didn't want to believe her because i'd read some really creative stuff. i guess some people (including myself) do.

this also sparked another train of discussion. specifically about eames being genderqueer. we've had this discussion many times, mostly because we seem to be the only two people who disagree with this.

i only have two coherent thoughts on this matter:

1. eames being genderqueer is not canon. there is not enough proof/information to definitively say one way or the other. and the fact that he has forged a woman before is not proof enough. unfortunately, genderqueer is not as simple as all that. and "this is what makes fandom so interesting!" is a valid point, but still not an argument. yes. this makes fandom more interesting, that is true. but it does not support your hypothesis.

2. has anyone ever considered the possibility that genderfuck seems a lot more eames-like?
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A friend asked me to check out some Japanese interviews with Ken Watanabe for her, specifically about his character in Inception. For all you Japanese speakers out there, I'm just curious what you think of the accuracy of my translations. For non-Japanese speakers, I hope you find this entertaining. For everyone, any grammar/structure pointers and advice is appreciated.

interview one. more serious and character oriented bits. )

interview two, with James Bond (sorry, no James Bond Girls) )

new thing

May. 6th, 2009 02:49 am
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i got a dreamwidth just to see. plus, they offered me one. now we will see if it's better.


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